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of these places, pennsylvania, new hampshire? mitt romney's head quarters are in boston. lose power there for multiple days. we don't know. that's the hard thing about these. we're not meteorologists, don't know what the impact will be. the candidates and their campaigns aren't either. playing wait and see, safe better than sorry in terms of hold back, wait to see what happens and then move forward. >> let me correct something. i was told it is restore our future, putting the $2 million ad. >> the pro mitt romney super pac. >> the latest "washington post"/abc tracking poll, 49/48, mitt romney by a point which is -- >> we've had for the last three days of tracks we've had it 49 romney, 48 obama. it's a statistical tie. we haven't had it any more of a three-point difference. >> we checked with the department of labor, and contrary to some reports including one of the major newspapers on-line there is no problem with the jobs report, the jobs report for good or bad is coming on friday. >> which -- >> they've collected the data. >> which we all thought was going to be the big thing befo
percentage points. pennsylvania -- it has narrowed a little bit. it has swings towards romney a net two%. our last poll, just after the first debate -- is edging up, but obama has a steady lead. it is a democratic-leaning state these days. there has not been an awful lot of campaign activity in terms of action by the candidates. more important advertising -- they have not really targeted the state this year, unlike 2008 and the previous four cycles. host: there is an awful lot of advertising in the separate -- senate race, particularly by tom smith, the republican nominee. your polling shows that race is closer -- senator casey is still holding a lead of seven points over tom smith. what is happening in that race? caller: it is a simple matter of if you spend $17 million of your own money you can get hearing from people. senator caseous a member -- casey is a member of an institution that is not very popular these days, the congress. smith has gained traction just on the strength of his message. introducing himself to voters. that could be one of the surprises on election night. host: let's t
. romney clearly has closed the race. things have gotten closer. in the end, i don't think pennsylvania will come in. if it does it's a bigger win than people think. pennsylvania is -- if you see that going off the map, that is a big, big romney win. >> bret: let me say one thing about that. >> pennsylvania and michigan are also going to be the site of third party television ads. group i'm associated with is joining in the barrage. multimillion dollars. question is whether the obama campaign thinks the states are solidly michigan and pennsylvania in their camp they don't to respond with the tv ads or they respond. the states are there. owe is right. this map is remarkably stable. the number have changed but states in play are the same. the numbers change. we have 184 electoral college votes in the obama column. 37 lean obama for 2 221. 180 in romney, 26 lean romney for 206. this will be a close election. it will center on the nine states with 111 electoral college votes. a path for the victory for both candidates there. if you have the momentum, we saw the poll over the weekend in ohio
? >> it may. even though one of the super-pacs supporting romney is now advertising in pennsylvania trying to expand the map a little bit, we're not going to likely see mitt romney go to places like minnesota or pennsylvania. they're really going to double-down on about seven swing states, and he's right that we won't be able to see what's going to happen over the next week because the polling is going to be fairly messed up. so we're just going to have to wait and see, thomas. i think the obama campaign feels that they are ahead in the states that motor like ohio and wisconsin and nevada. so as far as it's concerned right now, mitt romney has to go to those states and hang out there until election day. >> iowa came out over the weekend, "the des moines register" it to endorse mitt romney. they haven't endorsed aa republican for president since nixon 40 years ago. are you surprised? >> a little bit just because of the record of them supporting democrats. look, it's all about turnout at in the point. i'm not sure where this falls down. republicans tout their efforts to get out of the vote a
but you hear talk about the possibility that there could be new states that come on including pennsylvania or michigan or minnesota. could romney have a chance in any of other states we previously thought were solid for obama? >> he bought television in minnesota but own minneapolis tv, to hit far west wisconsin but we have to watch pennsylvania which have moved from obama to lean obama so if there is a national trend since the first debate moving in romney's direction --. >> i don't think the states are if play. they can get romney there to spend time but i wouldn't do it. if i win ohio or wisconsin the states that are up they have a better shot of getting there. >>chris: like herding cats here today. when we come back what issues will decide the race, the issues that will decide the race starting with the growing controversy over the terror attack in benghazi. i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore. a
. and this is maryland. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney teacher: this is west virginia, pennsylvania, delaware. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million gaming at casinos in these other states. question seven will build a new casino and bring table games to baltimore... generating hundreds of millions for schools. and that money has to go to education. it's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all that money here, and keep maryland money in classrooms like mine. >>> we have a heavy rain falling in the district now. it looks like a ghost town because metro bus and rail not running. the nonessential employees of government not here. so it's not a lot of people working. a lot of people hunkering down. >> people are heeding the warnings that we've heard from the mayor. both governors and federal officials as well. we want to get the latest from a neighborhood that knows a thing or two about it, bloomingdale in northwest washington. no flooding yet but folks there, would you say they're ready, megan? >> reporter: i would say they're ready. they've had a lot of experi
about pennsylvania and michigan. and minnesota. could romney have a chance in any of these other states we had previously thought were pretty solid for obama. >> he bought television in minnesota, only minneapolis tv to hit the far western counties in wisconsin, but i would say, that we have to watch and see what happens, this next week in michigan and pennsylvania. >> chris: they could come into play. >> they lean obama but these states moved from obama to lean obama, if there is a national trend as there appears since may the first debate, moving in his direction... >> chris: ten seconds. >> i don't think those states are in play. i think they can sucker romney in, to spend some time there but i wouldn't do that if i were them, if they win ohio or wisconsin, the states that are up, they have a better shot at getting there than hoping those states come into play. >> chris: like herding cats here today! when we come back, what issues will decide the race, the issue starting with the swelling controversy over the terror attack in benghazi. ♪ bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollar
to have the candidates campaigning certainly not in virginia or north carolina, probably not pennsylvania either. and depending on -- if you're mitt romney, you think you're ahead, maybe freezing the race is great. if you're barack obama and you think you're ahead, so much the better. >> because there are concerns this will keep people home and who would that i am pampact the? >> the president supposedly has a fantastic ground game getting voters out early. to the extent that's a big part of the president's strategy, then keeping people home is bad for the president. >> it's interesting, too, to wonder if this will make from be look more presidential. anytime someone is up there talking about protecting people as long as he doesn't botch this one completely, it would seem to maybe help him. is that a reasonable view? >> i sort of have two theories. one is the rally around the president theory which he'll be on tv a lot as commander in chief, so i think that could help him. on the other hand, if you have millions of people who haven't had a raise in a long time, incomes are down, all of a
states really matter. obviously, pennsylvania matters as well because mitt romney's people believe they're closing that race. but it does change everything. the key here is to not look too political. if you do that, that cob a backlash not only the states along the coastline that are impacted by this but across the entire country. it's messy out there not only weatherwise but also politically. >> you two actually interviewed the president over the weekend. you looked him in the eye. do you think he's feeling the heat, mika? >> i do. and i think that he's also enjoying the game. we were out there on the rope line watching him interact with people and getting his message out there and responding to some of the latest kerfuffles in the media, and he seemed right in there, completely engaged. but the campaign, how could they not be nervous? look at the polls. look at them. >> you talk to the romney people. you talk to the obama people. neither one of them have any idea how this is going to turn out. they're both cautiously optimistic. >> it's crazy. >> but you can look in their eyes and als
on the presidential race. with just eight days until election day, both romney and obama campaign have suspended e-mail fund-raising in some states in the storm's path. virginia, pennsylvania, new jersey, north carolina and the district of columbia. both candidates kansas selled campaign events scheduled for virginia. >>> president obama garnered the support of the blade in toledo ohio. pittsburgh post gazette and detroit free press. mitt romney was endorsed by the des moines register in des moines and the press enter vice in riverside, california. and it is a san francisco sweep. the giants beat detroit tiger last night to win the world series in four straight. game four went extra innings. san francisco winning. pablo san val was named the series' mvp. he says this years he year's giants were special. >> it's a team. i say thank you to my teammates to give me opportunity to be here. the two last series, you know, winning six, six, you know, elimination games is tough. >> it is the giants de world series title, this all in the last three year. soledad? >> good news for them. thank you very much f
carolina, new hampshire, pennsylvania and virginia, we'll be collecting supplies at our victory offices to deliver local storm relief. in virginia, we are loading storm relief supplies onto the romney bus to be delivered. it's not the same as going to a fema news conference like the president is doing. but romney is trying to do his part. >> cnn's political editor, paul steinhauser, for us live, thank you very much. for more on today's campaigning and how the storm is changing those plans, you can check out we still have our political unit doing all this coverage. you still get your information despite the fact that we're in emergency storm coverage on television. in the meantime, new york city's mayor, michael bloomberg, is briefing the news media right now about evacuations and the preparations as hurricane sandy nears landfall at new york city. by the way with 11-foot storm surge expected, that is critical. let's listen. >> it keeps new york city well within the danger zone of the storm. and it's why as of now, we are under a coastal flood warning from now through 3
hampshire. those states really matter. obviously pennsylvania matters as well because mitt romney's people believe they are closing that race. but it does change everything. the key here is to not look too political. if you do that that could be a backlash not only in the states along the coastline that are impacted but across the entire country. it's messy out there weather wise and politically. >> you two interviewed the president over the weekend. you looked him in the eye. do you think he's feeling the heat? >> do i. i think he's enjoying the game. we were out there on the road watching him interact with people and getting his message out there. and responding to some of the latest responses in the media. he's completely engaged. the campaign, how could they not be nervous. look at the polls. >> you talk to the romney people, you talk to the obama people, neither one of them have any idea how this will turn out. they are both cautiously optimistic but can you look in their eyes and know they are nervous. not a slam dunk. >> both acting confident. we'll know what happens in the days. t
carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, the battleground states, they're in the path of the storm, our number one priority has been to keep everybody safe, not just those who are out there helping governor romney. so we urged them to stay home, do what they can from home but take care of their families, take care of their property. there is plenty of time when this storm gets by to get back to politics. right now we need to focus on the safety of all of our fellow citizens. jenna: sean, great to have you today. look forward to check in with you monday 24 hours before everyone casts ballot. >>> hurricane sandy having impact on those on the east coast. thousands without power in connecticut as this storm some call the super storm barrels toward the mainland. new england preparing for what could be a devastating storm surge as well for this massive hurricane. >> all the weather forecast of the past few days appear to be coming to pass today. we are still expecting all of the bad things we've been talking about to happen and in just about right on schedule. [ man ] ring ring... progresso t
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)